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Why Does Your Commercial Roof Need Preventive Maintenance?  June 15, 2022

Why Does Your Commercial Roof Need Preventive Maintenance?

Owning or managing a commercial building comes with many challenges, especially when it comes to roof maintenance. A defective or problematic roof system leaves your entire structure vulnerable to harsh weather conditions and potentially endangers everyone inside. It can also compromise the architectural soundness of other parts of your building, such as foundations, wallboards, and sidings. Regular preventive maintenance is necessary to ensure that your commercial roof remains in the best condition to safeguard your establishment as well as your roof system warranty.

Preventive maintenance is a blanket term for regular inspections, cleaning and sometimes very minor repair work that target potential problem areas in your roof system. This article will discuss the merits of commercial roof preventive maintenance and why it is important to have a plan for your building. Let’s dive into the four most common benefits.

Spot Potential Liabilities Early On

The primary objective of having preventive maintenance done on your commercial roof is to check for any possible leaks, deterioration, and other damages. Spotting issues before they occur and preventing problems from progressing. It also shields the rest of your structure from being negatively impacted by your roofing hazards. An unchecked roof system can cause water damage or excessive molding, forcing building owners to shut down the whole place for corrective repairs and upkeep.

Cut Down Long-Term Repair Costs

Preventive maintenance costs are undoubtedly trivial compared to the price tag of a full-scale roof replacement or repair. Getting ahead of potentially significant issues will allow you to spread out and even lessen the cost of roof maintenance over time and budget your roofing needs better. The more often you perform preventive maintenance, the quicker it is to spot necessary improvements, and the more you save money on commercial roofing projects. Moreover, a well-cared-for commercial roof will also reduce expenses when it comes time to replace your system.

Extend The Lifespan Of Your Commercial Roof

Most high-quality commercial roof systems can last anywhere from 25-30 years, but those numbers decrease every time a building owner neglects routine maintenance and minor repair. On the other hand, conducting preventive maintenance on commercial roofs at least once a year may increase its lifespan because it keeps the system performing in its best shape.

Improve Your Property’s Resale Value

As you may already know, a chain is only as strong as its’ weakest link; any structure is only as good as its most vulnerable section. The section most prone to damage and complications for commercial building is the roof. Despite how often you preserve and improve your building’s interior, a run-down commercial roof can quickly plummet the resale value of your property. It is a red flag for potential investors and buyers because it signifies neglect and shows a high likelihood of quick structure deterioration.

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Overall, preventive maintenance ensures that your commercial roof remains in top condition throughout its lifespan. It also allows you to take a more proactive role in keeping your roof intact and your expenses at bay. You can have your contractor perform it yearly, every six months, or quarterly. It is also most recommended to order preventive maintenance after every storm season or when your roof is most vulnerable to the weather.

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