Acrylic– A coating derived from acrylic acid that can be applied to many commercial roofing systems for protection.

Bitumen – An asphalt-based material consisting of natural hydrocarbons and good for waterproofing.

Built-up – A flat or slightly sloped roof consisting of multiple layers of coated roofing felts and asphalt, pinch, or coal tar and finished with gravel or slag.

EPDM – (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) A synthetic rubber used to waterproof commercial roofing.

Fiberglass – A reinforced material composed of glass fibers embedded in resin.

Flashing – A strip of metal used to reinforce and seal junctions to prevent water damage.

Mildew – Mold or fungi that can grow and spread across your commercial roofing system and cause damage.

Modified Bitumen – Bitumen reinforced with polyester or fiberglass.

NRCA – The National Roofing Contractors Association

Self-performing – DDP Roofing is a self-performing roofing company that does all of its own work without the hiring of sub-contractors.

Single-ply – A commercial roofing system consisting of a single layer of flexible membrane.

Standing Seam – A commercial roofing system that features edges that have been turned up to create a seam that protects against water penetration.

Sub-contractor – An individual or company hired by a primary contractor to perform specific work for a project.

Thermoplastic – An elastic and flexible polymer that is soft when heated and hard when cooled.

TPO – (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) A thermoplastic membrane of rubber-like material that can be recycled and reprocessed.