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Service history, condition reports, warranties and proposals are stored for easy access and budget planning. Request a service call or roof evaluation with one click.

Say goodbye to paper and folders, everything is stored in the cloud which allows you to access your properties from anywhere and review by location and section.

This powerful tool will allow you to review a budget matrix for both repairs and reroofing. By taking advantage of Roof-Life you will be able to manage your assets more effectively, extend the life of your roof systems and target your spend effectively.




Before pictures of a roof


Membrane: D
Flashing: C
Sheet Metal: C

C    Overall Grade


A = 10 years or more of service life remaining

B = 8-10 years of service life remaining

C = 5-7 years of service life remaining

D = 2-4 years of service life remaining

F = Less than 1 years of service life remaining


General:  Clogged Scupper/Drain/Gutter

Deficiency:  The existing scupper. drain or gutter has
become clogged & is no longer functioning properly.

Corrective Action:  The scupper, drain or gutter area must be
cleaned & all debris removed to ensure water drains properly.

Estimated Repair Cost:  $1,900.00