The experts at DDP Roofing are proud to offer commercial roof maintenance that can extend the life of your roof. There are many factors that can affect the integrity of your roof such as weather, organism growth, or natural wear and tear over time. Our commercial roof maintenance services will meet warranty specifications and are in accordance with any FMC and NRCA guidelines.

Because commercial roofs are usually larger than residential roofs, it may be hard to recognize when you need commercial roof maintenance. We recommend inspecting your roof regularly for these signs:

Leaks or spotting on the interior ceilings:

Leaks or spotting may be a sign that your roof is leaking. This can cause internal structural damage and even personal injury if water accumulates in certain areas.

Streaks on outside walls:

Wall streaks can be caused by a variety of things – shingle damage, flashing damage, or gutter damage. Our friendly commercial roof maintenance experts can tell you the cause and help rectify the situation.

Cracked or curled shingles:

Cracked or curled shingles can be caused by wear over time or by damaging weather conditions and can lead to leaks. They should be replaced as soon as possible.

Split shingles (if wood):

Wood shingles on roofs often split because of precipitation and weather temperature shifts. Our commercial roof maintenance experts can replace wood shingles promptly to help restore your roof’s stability.

Rust or rusty streaks on metal roofs:

Excess precipitation can cause metal roofs to rust prematurely and threaten the strength of your roof. That’s why it’s important to prevent rust damage with routine commercial roof maintenance services from DDP Roofing.

Mold or moss:

Mold or moss growth on your roof can damage its integrity. Our experts can remove any current mold or moss and help prevent new growth in the future.

Ice dams in gutters/downspouts during the winter:

When water collects, it can freeze and form ice dams in your gutters or downspouts in the winter. This is a sign that your gutters need maintenance work.

Granules in gutters/downspouts:

Granules in your gutters or downspouts are usually a sign of shingle damage. If you find a buildup of granules, be sure to call our commercial roof maintenance experts and have them inspect the area.