Installing a roof is a significant investment that requires careful consideration. Of course, you want to make sure you get it right the first time. Still, it’s not easy when so many different factors are involved in the installation process, like materials used or types of shingles available from various commercial roofing companies in Philadelphia, PA, around town.

If this sounds overwhelming, don’t worry. We’ve compiled some common mistakes homeowners typically make during the installation process, which could lead them to costly repairs down the line without even realizing what was happening until it’s too late.

Avoid These 4 Common Roofing Mistakes

1. Choosing The Wrong Materials

The type of roof you have is crucial because it will affect how well your home repels moisture. Asphalt shingles, for example, are not waterproof and can allow water to pool under them on low slopes.

This makes them less effective at protecting against rain or snow in high-moisture areas like coastal regions where there’s intense seasonal rainfall often accompanied by strong winds that whip up large waves. And even though these roofs may look sleek from afar, they could be compromising their protective capabilities.

2. Failing To Consider The Winter Climate

With harsh winters, it’s imperative to make sure your roof does not experience ice dams. Suppose this happens, then your property will bear the damage from the increased amount of water within flooring systems due to melting snow from inside attic spaces escaping through insulation louvers.

In this case, you should call in a professional commercial roofing contractor right away. Unfortunately, these conditions often lead directly into partial collapse where parts might wash out, forming large holes which allow rainwater up underneath, thus endangering everything below.

3. Covering Worn Shingles Instead Of Replacing Them

If you place new shingles on top of old ones, they can create several places for moisture and dirt to accumulate. Eventually, this will lead to deterioration which is hastened by continued repairs in this area as well- it’s best to remove any damage before it’s too late.

A reputable commercial roofing contractor knows what needs fixing without having their shady tactics backfire on them later down the line.

4. Poor Shingle Alignment

The alignment of your roofing shingles can be a clear indication that something is amiss. For example, they’re not vertical, or the joins are placed at different angles.

In that case, you may have an issue with coverage and protection for this vulnerable surface in need of care from above – especially because misaligned cuts create cracks that allow water to seep through easily.


Roofs are an essential component of every building, and you need to get them installed and maintained perfectly.

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