Preventative Maintenance

Get the Maximum Life Out of Your Roof


All roofing manufacturers require a preventative maintenance program to maintain their system warranty, but there are many other reasons as to why you should implement a preventative maintenance program on your roof. It's a proven fact that by maintaining your roof properly, you'll extend the roof life past the warranty expiration.

Prevent clogged drains, gutters, & scuppers from destroying your roof prematurely or even worse, creating an event that could be catastrophic for your roof.

Water weighs 8.3 lbs per gallon.  A clogged drain or scupper can create an enormous amount of weight on a building, making for a dangerous work environment for those below.


Visual inspection of the entire roof by a trained professional

Examples of things to look for include: wall flashing coming undone, metal edge becoming loose, missing or cracking caulk at appropriate seals, holes allowing moisture in & destroying the roof. These things may seem obvious, but the average untrained individual will most likely not see some of these things allowing the roof to fail at a quicker rate.

Keeping down the cost on your next roof project

Maintaining a watertight roof system all the way to it’s last day is extremely valuable. If you can go over an existing roof system vs. an expensive tear off or even worse - bad deck replacement, you can cut your re-roofing budget numbers in HALF, if not more.


Be a fully educated owner on the conditions of your property

Roofs are usually out-of-sight out-of-mind, until there's a problem. Once that problem occurs, it is usually more expensive to fix than if it was found before it became an issue. Be proactive in maintaining your roof & not reactive. By doing this, you will not only spread the repair dollars further, but also help allocate planned expenses for future repairs or replacement.

Removing unwanted sharp objects & debris from the roof

By removing these objects you help prevent someone from accidentally stepping on an object & puncturing the roof.