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The roof of your building is constructed to be durable and to provide protection from the elements. However, roofing systems are only built to last for a certain period. When the time comes to replace your commercial roof, turn to DDP Roofing Services, Inc. We have the necessary experience to install various types of commercial roofing with outstanding quality.


When Should You Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Commercial roofs have different lifespans that range from 15 to over 40 years. Depending on the roof you install on your commercial property, you should have an idea of how long your roof is supposed to function before needing replacement. In addition to aging, other factors can affect your roof's condition and make roof replacement a necessary option:

  • Common roof issues: When common problems such as leaks, holes and cracks cover a significant area on your roof, a replacement might be the best solution. Roof repair can often fix these issues, but if you've left them unaddressed for an extended period, the damage they cause to your system may be too extensive for repairs.
  • Buying or selling a building: One of a property's major selling points is the roof's condition. A roof replacement can increase your building's overall value and attract potential buyers with ease. If you buy a building with a roof that is nearing the end of its life span or has other significant issues, it's best to get a commercial roofing installation before you start working.
  • Extensive roof damage: Roofs can experience extensive damage from extreme weather events, fallen trees or excessive moisture. The damage often leaves your building's interior vulnerable to the elements, making it challenging or impossible to operate. A commercial or industrial roof replacement is an excellent way to address this problem.
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Our Commercial Roof Replacement Services

DDP Roofing Services, Inc. has a team of experienced technicians who perform exceptional commercial roofing installation on existing structures. We use careful labor and advanced installation techniques to ensure your new roof functions correctly. Our expert team is skilled at installing roofing systems of varying materials, types and sizes. You can count on DDP Roofing Services, Inc. for all your roof replacement needs.

Why Choose DDP for Commercial Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement is a significant task that requires a high level of skill and attention to detail. Working with a roofing contractor who understands your needs and is willing to go above and beyond to provide you with a high-quality replacement is essential. When you work with DDP Roofing Services, you can take advantage of these benefits:

  • Full removal and reconstruction: Our technicians remove the existing materials from your entire roofing system before performing a commercial roofing installation.
  • Partial replacement: A partial roof replacement can be a great option when the damage is localized to one side while the rest of your roofing system is still in good condition. We offer partial replacements that help take care of the issue and merge the new and existing materials to restore your roof's functionality.
  • Retrofit: We can install a new commercial roof over your existing roof to help save time and expenses. Reroofing offers an opportunity to make critical improvements and prolong your roof's life span.
  • All system types: Depending on your needs, we can replace your roof with an array of materials and systems, including metal, thermoplastic, fiberglass, modified bitumen, acrylic, wood shingle, copper, slate, concrete, tile and plaza roofing.
  • All major manufacturers: We work with all major roof manufacturers to provide high-quality materials that meet all your roofing needs.
  • Warranties up to 30 years: Our warranties help protect your investment so you can have peace of mind knowing that your roof is covered when issues arise.
  • Installation: Our technicians are trained and skilled at commercial roofing installation.

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