Commercial Roof Inspection Services

Owning and running a commercial facility involves a significant amount of work. However, when it comes to protecting your investment, your roof's condition should be a top priority. DDP Roofing Services, Inc. offers professional commercial and industrial roof inspection services to help you identify issues and address them accordingly.

Whether you need a roof inspection due to an emergency leak or before buying or selling a home, our roofing experts will provide you with the necessary insight to help you make informed decisions.


When are Commercial Roof Inspections Needed?

Roof inspections are an excellent way of ensuring your roof is healthy and free from damage. We recommend scheduling roof inspections at least once a year. Besides these annual inspections, further assessments may be necessary in specific circumstances. Here are a few instances when you may need roof inspections for your business:

  • Visible roof damage: It is essential to get an immediate inspection when you notice visible roof damage, such as leaks, cracks or holes. While the issue might seem small, an assessment can reveal a more significant source of the problem, enabling you to address it promptly.
  • Buying or selling a building: As a buyer, you will have a detailed assessment of the roof's condition and if it requires work, you can negotiate the selling price or avoid buying property that may come with extra expenses. As a seller, you can assure the potential buyer that the roof is in good condition with a report from a professional roofer.
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Our Commercial Roof Inspections

At DDP Roofing Services, Inc., our trained professionals are skilled at thoroughly examining commercial roofing systems and their components. When we perform an inspection, we consider your roof's interior and exterior to determine its current performance and identify any issues that need to be addressed. A few common issues we look for include broken, missing, deteriorating roofing material, damaged flashing or structural components.

Benefits of Our Commercial Roof Inspection Services

A commercial roof inspection is necessary for detecting issues and safeguarding your roof from extensive damage in the long term. When you choose DDP Roofing Services, Inc. for your roof inspection needs, you will benefit from:

  • Our accurate knowledge of the roof's condition: Our trained professionals conduct thorough inspections to ensure we provide precise information about the state of your roof.
  • A detailed roof plan: We provide a graphical representation of your roof, including approximate dimensions, roofing materials and other relevant items to give you a clear picture of its condition.
  • Drone inspection capabilities: Our drone capabilities come in handy for commercial roofing that is challenging to navigate physically due to having steep or unwalkable construction. We use drones to capture necessary images and video footage as they fly around your building's exterior.
  • Free comprehensive survey: We offer a free and complete survey that contains in-depth assessments of your roofing system that go beyond a visual inspection. A survey will detail your roof covering's condition, the roof's age, the quality of the roof's membranes and other factors.
  • Value-engineered solutions: We take a systematic and organized approach to providing quality roof inspections that suit your needs and budget.
  • Infrared thermal scans: Our trained professionals use infrared technologies to spot issues within roofing membranes and components that are invisible to the naked eye.

Choose DDP Roofing Services, Inc. for Expert Roof Inspection Services

We have provided commercial roof inspections in the mid-Atlantic and East Coast regions for decades. Our comprehensive commercial roof inspections give you the information you need to develop an effective plan for your next steps. Get in touch with us by completing our online form today!