Your roof is a considerable investment that plays a vital role in your facility’s integrity. Active maintenance practices will help you preserve it. At DDP Roofing Services, we help businesses across industries strengthen their roofs and prevent costly damage. Here are our top nine tips for commercial roof maintenance:

1. Inspect the Roof Regularly

Catching a problem soon after it occurs can prevent significant damage, so make roof maintenance a habit. You should schedule roof inspections twice yearly — once in the spring and once in the fall. Scheduling inspection in the fall and spring will ensure your roof is ready for the more extreme conditions that come in the winter and summer. A roof inspector can assess your roof’s key features and equipment for signs of damage and leaks.

2. Fix Leaks Fast

Act fast when leaks occur — swift action can be the difference between a modest repair bill and a costly roof collapse. Leaks cause standing water that can damage the building’s infrastructure over time. They can also cause mold, which will degrade the air quality inside your building, and pose a risk to electrical equipment. Fixing leaks fast minimizes risk.

3. Clean the Gutters and Downspouts

Any roof must withstand rain. Its gutters and downspouts fill a significant role by enabling water evacuation. Gutters and downspouts offer a path that takes water away from your building. However, a block in one of these installations can cause water to pool and overflow, potentially resulting in leaks, mold and structural damage. Clean your gutters regularly to remove leaves and twigs that obstruct the path. You can also install gutter guards to prevent debris from entering the gutters.

4. Trim Surrounding Trees

Trees beautify your commercial property, but managing their branches is a must. Branches will grow until they hang over your roof, where they drop leaves and twigs onto the roof and the gutters below, leading to clogs and leaks. Trees also provide shade that allows algae and moss to grow, and even more damage can occur if a branch falls. Prune and remove branches as needed every winter to ensure the trees that could interfere with your roof stay where they belong.

5. Remove Moss and Algae

Excess moisture allows moss and algae to grow on your roof, especially in shady areas. Spots outside the sunshine hold water in its liquid state longer, facilitating algae growth. Moss and algae become problematic when they grow in your roof’s cracks, as their expansion loosens damaged parts and leaves your roof more vulnerable. Use a pressure washer to remove moss and algae.

6. Repair and Replace Damaged Roofing Material

Extreme weather is bound to cause some degree of damage during your roof’s life span. What’s important is that you fix it before leaks occur or the damage worsens. Hiring a professional roof repair crew with commercial experience is the best way to resolve damage and provide replacement options when necessary.

7. Remove Snow and Ice

Snow and ice are troublesome because they’ll inevitably turn to water. It’s essential to keep up with snow and ice removal to prevent leaks when they melt. Melted snow can also refreeze after filling cracks in your roof. The water expands as it freezes, damaging the roof from within. Snow is especially troublesome because it is heavy. Too much snow resting on your rooftop puts pressure on the entire building, increasing the risk of damage and collapse.

8. Insulate the Space Beneath the Roof

One way to limit rooftop snow and ice accumulation is to keep it warm. Snow and ice will melt faster on a warmer surface, preventing snow from accumulating and ice from forming. Insulation will also keep the roof cool in the summer to prevent materials from warping in the heat.

9. Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor

Your roof is too important to risk, so always work with a professional contractor for maintenance and repair. Roofing professionals have the skills and tools necessary to provide the care your roof needs efficiently and safely. They also carry insurance beyond what your policy covers. When comparing roofing companies, you can check customer references and reviews to see which you will trust.

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