Commercial roofs can last anywhere from a decade to 50 years, or even more – depending on the type of materials used, the installation process, and the proper roofing care given to the roofing system. However, it is inevitable that commercial roofs will age over time and without proper maintenance, their life expectancy can decrease substantially, especially when faced with several factors that may influence the deterioration of the entire commercial roofing system.

Commercial building owners or commercial property managers should know what the most common commercial roofing problems are, how to identify them, and what are the best fixes to avoid bigger and more costly problems in the future.

Commercial roof defects can be caused by a number of factors such as:

Damage from Moisture

Moisture is a major enemy of commercial roofs, as standing water, or ice accumulations can weaken the material over time. When moisture gets trapped in an area, it can cause insulation value loss and lead to fungus growth and premature failure of the roofing system. The best way to protect against damage caused by moisture is with proper drainage techniques such as installing gutters, downspouts, and drains.

Debris Accumulation

Leaves, tree branches, dirt, and other debris often accumulate on commercial roofs, trapping moisture and leading to water damage. To avoid this issue, it’s important to routinely inspect the roof for any debris buildup and take action as needed.

Damage from UV Rays

The sun can cause significant damage to a commercial roof over time if it is not properly protected. Therefore, it’s important to also apply an ultraviolet-resistant coating which will act as a protective barrier and provide protection against fading, cracking, or peeling of the roofing materials.

Damage from Hail

Hailstorms can wreak havoc on a commercial roof by causing dents, punctures, and other forms of wear and tear on the surface of the building’s deck. The best way to protect against hail damage is using or installing impact-resistant roofing materials designed to provide extra protection.

Damage from Wind

High winds can cause serious damage to a commercial roof by lifting the membrane layers and exposing them to rain and moisture. Poor installation is often the culprit for such roofing defects. Therefore, it’s indispensable to ensure that all the materials used in the roofing system are properly secured with quality fasteners or adhesives to prevent wind damage.

Damage from Thermal Expansion or Contraction

Extreme temperatures can cause the roofing membrane layers to expand and contract, leading to cracking and other forms of deterioration. Property owners should consult a roofing specialist about the best materials to use to avoid such issues. For example, a weather-resistant roofing material such as rubber membranes offers more resistance to these changes in temperature.

Damage from Foot Traffic

Foot traffic can quickly break down roofing membranes and cause deterioration. Therefore, it would be best to install and use walkways designed to reduce pressure on certain roof areas.

Damage from Poor Installation

Poor installation is a common cause of commercial roofing defects. It can lead to premature failure, especially if the wrong type of material has been used for the job or is not installed correctly. This is one of the many reasons why property owners should only trust experienced contractors who specialize in commercial roofing projects and can guarantee high-quality work.

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