Your commercial roof is a vital asset; it’s your first line of defense against powerful winds, storms, heat, and heavy downpours. If you want to ensure your business is set up for success, consider installing a well-equipped roof to protect against the elements. With the right protection, you can prevent future problems that can end up costing them fortunes and jeopardizing their entire operation.

There are many ways the weather affects a commercial roof. For example, strong winds can loosen shingles and tiles and compromise the roof’s structural integrity. Meanwhile, heavy rain can cause damage to roofing materials and gutters, and extreme heat can weaken bonds and seals or cause materials to swell. And during winter, expect your roof to be covered in ice and snow, adding weight and putting your roof structure under stress on top of damaging roofing materials and gutters.

With all of this in mind, here are some things you can do to look after your commercial roofing and prepare it for severe weather conditions.

Have A Maintenance Plan

A maintenance plan is a program carried out by a commercial roofing contractor. It’s a good step toward protecting your roof and ensuring its longevity and resilience against harsh weather conditions.

A commercial roof maintenance plan provides many benefits, including regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance. Through this type of plan, you will have the assurance that your roof is prepared for any harsh weather conditions.

Always Perform The Recommended Repairs

After a roof inspection, the recommended repairs to your commercial roof are vital to extend your roof’s lifespan and stop future problems from popping up.

Because your roof gets the highest exposure to harsh weather, it will show signs of wear and tear over time, such as cracks that can lead to leaks or missing and damaged shingles. Naturally, you wouldn’t want these signs of wear and tear to worsen, so no matter how minor the recommended repairs may seem, you should always consider having them done.

Inspect Your Roof-Mounted Equipment

Most commercial roofs have roof-mounted equipment like HVAC systems and solar panels. Make sure your equipment is being inspected from time to time to ensure that it is securely mounted. Harsh weather, like storms, tends to move them slightly out of place, which can open the door for leaks. So, regularly check your roof-mounted equipment to prevent further damage to your roofing system.

Eliminate Potential Hazards

Tree branches and leaves can often pile up on roofs of low-rise commercial buildings, causing clogs and water to pile up and drain to areas where they shouldn’t. This is not good if you want to protect your roof from weather conditions like heavy rain. So, eliminate potential hazards before they start to cause actual problems.

For example, cut down the tree branches hanging over your building’s roof. Because when the snow arrives, it can weigh down the branches and cause them to fall onto your roof, potentially penetrating your roof’s membrane or blocking drainages.

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Performing preventive measures isn’t easy to do alone; it’s always good to have professional help to back you up, provide solutions, and give recommendations on how to protect your commercial roofing system.

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