Commercial roofing repairs or replacements can be a heavier investment than you might think. Various factors affect the cost of both. Not just the charges, but many times it can get confusing whether a roof needs repair or beyond saving.

Here are a few pointers that will help you determine the average cost of commercial roofing. And whether you should have your roof repaired or replaced.

How Much Does A Commercial Roofing Replacement Cost?

There are no fixed prices when it comes to commercial roofing replacement. Instead, it depends on various factors, including the geographical location and the commercial roofing contractors you hire to do the job.

The common factors that will affect the cost of commercial roofing are:

  • The type of roofing material
  • Availability of the material
  • Labour required
  • The current condition of the roof
  • Warranty and Maintenance

How Much Will A Commercial Roofing Repair Cost?

Repairing the roof is not only more affordable than replacing it, but it also extends the life of the old roof.

Consider commercial roofing repair if the roof has:

  • Leaks due to any reason
  • Missing shingles
  • Cracking and Blistering
  • Poor Installation
  • Ventilation Problems
  • Weather Damage

The repair costs for commercial roofing can fall in a wide range. It largely depends on the type of roofing material, labor, and also condition of the roof.

Even though commercial roofing repairs are much more affordable than roofing replacements, it all depends on the roof’s condition. If the roof was not properly installed or maintained, that could also increase the cost. So make sure you get them installed by expert commercial roofing professionals only.

Should You Get The Roof Replaced Or Repaired?

This depends on various factors. But first of all, you should get a quote from 2 to 3 reputed contractors. It will give you a definite idea about the cost. It can help you decide if you get the roof replaced or repaired.

Consider repairing the roof if the problem is minimal, like one or two leaks or a minor cracking or blistering here or there. Also, if the difference between the costs of repair and replacement is huge, getting them repaired is better.

If your roof is nearing the end of its life, then consider replacing it. Even though repairs can extend the life of a roof, incurring a replacement cost again after one year of repairing the roof is not worth it. Also, if the cost difference between repairing and replacing is minimal, you should probably consider replacing the roof.

While replacing or repairing, make sure you hire professional commercial roofing contractors. Because their work will last longer than others, and you can rest assured of the quality of the work done.

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