Commercial building owners know that roofing ranks high on the list of most expensive projects. A neglected roof can damage the structure of your whole building, and roof repair or replacement can put your entire operations on hold. To reduce roofing costs without sacrificing quality and durability, consider all of your options. Here are five ways you can cut down on the expenses of a commercial roofing project:

1. Get An Annual Roof Inspections And Regular Maintenance

A roof system’s lifespan is dependent on how well you take care of it. A well-maintained roof system prevents significant damages that might make your roofing project expenses skyrocket. As a general rule, comprehensive inspections are completed yearly. It also works to your benefit to have your roof checked and repaired after heavy storms. A routine of regular inspection and minor maintenance allows you and your roofer company to spot potential hazards early on, preventing your repair or replacement costs from ballooning.

2. Talk Roof Coverage With Your Insurance Company

When you decide it is time for a roof repair or replacement, never skip the first step: discuss insurance. Most commercial roof insurance policies will automatically cover damages from heavy rains or other weather-related catastrophes. Expenses due to wind or fire-related damages could also be covered by your insurer. However, there are several exclusions to roof insurance – including leaks, wears caused by property owners, and age.

3. Time Your Commercial Roofing Project Perfectly

Since your roof system’s age can affect whether or not it is insurable, it is best to start your roofing projects two to three years before the expected end of its lifespan. Doing so also prevents significant problems that may add to the total cost of your re-roofing. Moreover, the season can impact the bids you will get for a roofing project. Summer may be too hot for work, winter is too dangerous, and fall is busy because property owners rush to repair or install roofs before winter. Overall, late spring is the best time to find a roofing contractor. Also, try to avoid projects right after the hurricane season in your locality.

4. Keep An Eye On Viable Roof Options And Their Prices

To get the most value out of your money, you must be well-versed in your roof system needs and purposes. Always consider longevity: how long are you going to use the building? Will there be significant renovations in the foreseeable future, or are you looking to keep the place and its current structure for a decade or more? Furthermore, are there plans to install rooftop facilities? These factors will go into what kind of roof you should choose. Once you know what you need, watch out for the prices. Manufacturers may sometimes put materials on sale, and you must be there to take advantage of them.

5. Work Only With Dependable Roofing Contractors

Some roofing service companies may offer you unbelievably low rates. Please do not fall for it unless you are sure of their track record for reliability and professionalism. Investing in contractors that genuinely value their work and your trust will go a long way in preventing future problems and ensuring a more sustainable and sturdy roof for your commercial building.

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