The roof is a prime part of any building. It protects the people inside it, and it can cause a great danger if damaged. Unfortunately, commercial property owners don’t have thousands to invest every time their roof needs work done. There’s no other option than replacing entire sections because the cost inevitably outweighs whatever benefits that come from maintaining them.

Is your commercial PVC roof in Allentown, PA, heavily damaged and in need of a replacement? You might be surprised to learn that instead of obliterating your roof, you can opt for a re-roofing job and save yourself some money. A new system will replace what needs replacing while only addressing the areas where it’s needed most!

While this sounds like a great option, these are a few things you should consider before going all-in for re-roofing.

3 Things To Consider Before Re-Roofing

1. What Re-Roofing Options Do You Have?

There are many options for re-roofing your home. It all depends on what’s best for your unique situation! Sometimes it’s a matter of cost, so perhaps installing another single-ply roof over our existing shingle system is an affordable way to get more insulation and long-term use out of this investment.

Or maybe weight becomes essential when considering durability versus longevity. Spray polyurethane foam roofing systems provide 6+ R-Value per inch thickness and last indefinitely through frequent replacement intervals. Commercial PVC roof is available in Allentown and is a good option for those who need something grease and fire-resistant.

2. Is Re-Roofing A Commercial Building Legal?

Note that you can only have two roofs on top of a commercial building. Therefore, if your current system already has two roofs, one will need to be removed before installing another one.

No need to remove both your roofing systems! If the second layer is in good condition and there are no significant cracks or problems, you could keep it for re-roofing. In addition, roof contractors will charge less than if they had removed everything beforehand due to their expertise of what needs fixing on top while also staying within code requirements.

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3. How Much Does It Cost?

It would be best to consider a few factors when it comes to the cost and quality of re-roofing. These include:

  • What type do you want to install?
  • How much insulation is saturated in your current roof layer?
  • What system would provide this value at an affordable price with minimal penetrations?
  • Does any damage need fixing before installation (e.g., delamination)?
  • Is there standing water that needs draining away beforehand?

If the commercial building has a flat single-ply roof with only a few penetrations, it might be cost-effective to re-roof the property. But, on the other hand, for an entire structure that needs more than one layer of protection, you need something strong against nature’s elements too! In that case, a commercial PVC roof in Allentown, PA, would be a great option.

If you have any questions regarding re-roofing, feel free to contact DDP Roofing at 800-428-4810 or and get a free quote.